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Data Scientist 3090831 (职位编号:3090831)

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上海  |  无工作经验  |  招若干人  |  01-22发布

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Essential Responsibilities :

? Contribute to the development and deployment of modern machine learning, operational research, semantic analysis, and statistical methods for finding structure in large data sets

? Perform feature extraction, real time analytics methods, in addition to analytic prototyping, scale up, scaling and solutions integration

? Work alongside software developers and software engineers to translate algorithms into commercially viable products and services

? Work in technical teams in development, deployment, and application of applied analytics, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics

? Perform exploratory and targeted data analyses using descriptive statistics and other methods

? Work with data engineers on data quality assessment, data cleansing and data analytics

? Generate reports, annotated code, and other projects artifacts to document, archive, and communicate your work and outcomes

? Share and discuss findings with team members

Qualifications/Requirements :

? MSc or Ph.D. Degree in Data Science, Statistics, Operational Research, Applied Mathematics, Physics, Natural Sciences, Computer Science, Economics, EE

? At least 2 years’ experience in developing statistical models, machine learnings and carrying out complex quantitative analytics

? Experienced in machine learning and statistics, with an emphasis on decision optimization

? Skillful in R, Python, or Scala? Ability to transform and manage large data sets, and to evaluate model performance and tune it accordingly

? Proven ability to apply the skills above to real-world business problems

? Excellent communication skills in English

? Motivated, proactive, detail-oriented, professional and diligent

? Willing to take international travel and assignments


通用电气(GE) 公司是一家全球领先的科技、服务和金融公司,是全球最大的多元化企业,致力于解决世界上最棘手的问题。GE的产品和服务范围广阔,从能源、石油天然气、水处理、航空、医疗、运输系统、家电、照明,到金融,客户遍及全球100多个国家,拥有30多万员工。杰夫·伊梅尔特先生是现任董事长及首席执行官。