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Deputy CFO 副财务总监

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上海  |  8-9年经验  |  本科  |  招1人  |  02-19发布  |  英语熟练





Purpose of position:      


Be responsible for economic performance of JV.  Make sure the actual result meeting the budget/ forecast/ management commitment to HQs. Control the performance result of new project from offer phase to initiative till SOP in plant. Control business transaction following internal control procedures.


Provide accurate, timely, consistent financial report package and relevant reports requested by Headquarters, JV partners and local Authorities. Be responsible to verify accounting data to support the management controlling team showing valuable analysis. And for Industrial controlling to continually improve plant efficiency and cost saving.


Job Responsibilities:


  1. Transfer and interpret the BL’s request and control the result as the commitment to BL’s HQ, as well as JV partner.

  2. Present monthly rolling forecast package, budget, Forecast and 5 years plan with clear explanation of variance analysis against different period to BL’s China management team and HQs, take care of also needs from JV partner.

  3. Present Risks/ Opportunities analysis of the BL in China based on the standard format and detail information from accounting and controlling to local management team, follow up action plan and to be sure the continues improvement from time to time.

  4. Control new project from offer phase to Initiative to SOP prepared by project analyst to be sure assumptions are correct, economic results are approved. If actual figure shows out of the approval, work with project team for action plan and evaluate the feasibility of action plan are necessary.

  5. Design the Internal Control Policies and implement according to standard Basic Internal Control Policies.

  6. Follow up and implement China Accounting Standard, Group Accounting Manual and IFRS, accounting policies and internal control policies.

  7. Be responsible for the true data input in accounting book based on the real business transaction on time.

  8. Lead the investigation in inventory reserve, bad debts, warranty reserve, assets impairment etc. special business transaction, book it rightly with all the necessary evidences and approval.

  9. Share the responsibility with CFO to provide financial management suggestion to decision-maker base on the target of which maximizes shareholder’s wealth in the long term. Be concerned with strategy of the BL and control the business risks, be able to foresee the impact on the financial report in the future according to management decision.

  10. Share the responsibility with CFO for month-end closing, to be sure sales/ cost/ expenses are proper booked and accrual. Delivery flash, group reporting to HQs on time and in accuracy.

  11. Share the responsibility with CFO for the year-end pre-audit and final audit closed and special audit happened in the legal entity

  12. Support DGM’s PR approval for expenses and assets control against budget and forecast.

  13. Support DGM’s approve of receipt, payment, transferred vouchers based on accounting policies and internal control policies as daily work, physically post all the vouchers in ERP system.

  14. Other works given by Country CFO, Division China CFO, DGM and Board Members.


                              Job Requirements:  

  1. University degree major in Accounting or Economy;

  2. Minimum 8 years relevant working experience preferably in a Foreign Invested Manufacturing Company with minimum 3 year management experience with a team of 3 person above;

  3. Have the JV working environment experience prefer

  4. Familiar with acknowledged PRC GAAP and IFRS, PRC tax laws and regulations, CPA/ ACCA is preferred;

  5. Familiar with Accounting software especially in SAP/ Hyperion system, as well as MS-Office packages;

  6. A member of teamwork and excellent apprehensibility

  7. Must be detailed and logical sense in accounting verification;

  8. Good English both in spoken and written;

  9. Good communication skills and interpersonal skills;






CPA/ ACCA professional certification


Company business procedure understanding and well know the internal control procedures


Management and teamwork skill


other relevant training based on the job requirements






马瑞利是 1919 年创立于意大利的一家全球性公司,公司致力于设计和生产用于汽车领域的高科技系统和部件,公司总部位于意大利(米兰市科尔贝塔)。

公司2017 年营业额为 82 亿欧元,拥有约 4.4 万名员工,85 个生产基地和15个研发中心,集团在20个国家(意大利、法国、德国、西班牙、英国、波兰、捷克共和国、罗马尼亚、俄罗斯、塞尔维亚、斯洛伐克共和国、土耳其、美国、墨西哥、巴西、阿根廷、中国、韩国、日本、印度、马来西亚)设有分支机构。


通过不断创新,马瑞利的目标是在电子领域优化横向技术,根据与环境可持续性、 安全和车载生活质量相关的标准,开发有助于提高活动性的智能系统和解决方案。