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实习生-大四或研究生在读 (职位编号:20190813hrintern)


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We are now seeking HR/translator internship at our local office in Shanghai for different tasks related to our production of multilingual documentation and recruitment of translators.

International working environment, good environment to practice spoken English skills. Having the opportunity to be a formal employee after the internship.

Fields of responsibility:

Helping HR department for resume screening and recruiting suitable full-time and part-time staff/vendors.

Check or revise translation projects and communicate with tranlators.

Expanding the network channels and updating recruitment advertisements.

Coordinating internal and external translator resources and assigning projects.

Scanning, printing, using office software for simple word processing.

Our requirements:

We envisage that you are interested in languages, having your education in colleague now and intending to embark upon a professional career. We expect that you are outgoing, are careful and have strong learning ability. In addition you should have good written and verbal communication skills in both Chinese and English, accurate with a very good knowledge of programs in the Windows environment.

* Senior student or postgraduate at a university

* Be able to work more than three days per week;

* CET-6 or above, priority is given to those candidates who pass TEM-8.

* Be responsible and can work under pressure.


* 国际化工作环境,锻炼英语口语。

* 实习期间可签三方协议,实习结束即有机会转为正式员工。


* 帮助HR/Vendor department筛选简历,招聘合适翻译人员;

* 检查或校对翻译项目质量,和翻译人员做有效沟通;

* 拓展网络渠道,更新招聘广告;

* 协调内部和外部Vendor资源,分派项目稿件;

* 扫描,打印,运用office软件进行简单文字处理;


* 大学大四在读或研究生在读学生;

* 英语专业优先;专业八级优先;

* 良好的office操作能力;

* 性格开朗,仔细,学习能力强;

* 有责任心,能承担较大压力





CBG Konsult AB is a Swedish company, established in 1965, specialized in multilingual document management, which includes activities such as project management, technical translation, DTP and software development. Offices in Stockholm & Gothenburg (Sweden), Leuven (Belgium), Shanghai & Hong Kong (China), Frankfurt (Germany), Warsaw (Poland), Barcelona (Spain), Detroit (USA).

The Shanghai office is our main office in Asia, established in 2007, providing services to local companies, joint ventures (JV) and global clients in Asia. We also specialize in Asian languages to support the whole CBG group with local market-related projects.

CBG-konsult ab西必及咨询有限公司是一家瑞典公司,创建于1965年,专门从事项目管理、科技翻译、排版及软件开发等多语种文件处理。目前公司分布在斯德哥尔摩/哥德堡(瑞典)、鲁汶(比利时)、上海/香港(中国)、法兰克福(德国)、华沙(波兰)、巴塞罗那(西班牙)、底特律(美国)。