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销售助理(实习/应届)/Sales Assistant


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上海  |  在校生/应届生  |  本科  |  招1人  |  05-27发布




1. Assist the Sales Manager in all daily sales and marketing activities

2. Prepare business correspondence, contract drafts and bidding documents

3. Manage Document Filing System and Keep In View File

4. Cooperate with China branch offices, oversea factories, customer service division and customers

5. Coordinate marketing activities (Exhibitions, Conferences, Direct Mail) and support translations of English promotion material

6. Arrange business travel agenda, hotel and flight bookings

7. Verify Expense Claims

8. Create machine quotation in e-VIS system

9. Prepare and update quotations for Sales based on customer inquiries and specifications

10. Propose technical specification and technical solution as required

11. Communicate with technical department at ENGEL Austria for special options

12. Check machine status in SAP system

13. Other responsibilities as assigned by superior


1. Bachelor’s Degree in Business or International Trading or Machinery

2. Excellent skills in English

3. Understanding commercial supply contracts, terms of payment, L/C

s, Incoterms or experience in the mechanical engineering industry

4. Good PC knowledge (MS Word, MS Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)

5. Team player and good communication skills

6. Accurate working and high sense of responsibility





恩格尔(网址:www.engelglobal.com)是全球领先的注塑机制造商,于1945年由Mr. Ludwig Engel创立, 总部设在奥地利的Schwertberg,至今仍沿袭家族企业管理模式,保证了企业的稳定性以及产品和服务的持续性。拥有60多年注塑机制造经验的ENGEL,如今已经成为行业内***的制造商之一。目前在全球拥有九个生产工厂,分布在欧洲,亚洲(韩国/Pyungtaek,中国/上海) 和美国/York等地 。子公司遍布20多个国家,代表处分布在全球70多个国家。
本公司是恩格尔集团在全球的第八个工厂,一期于2007年5月19日正式开幕,拥有超过8,000 平方米的厂房专供DUO系列大型注塑机的零件制造和组装,1000平方米现代化办公室为销售、售后服务和培训提供充分的空间。二三期扩建工程于2012年4月20日完工,扩建完成后工厂面积翻了一番,超过21000平方米。2017年,恩格尔上海再度扩大生产能力,扩建办公场所,于9月12日举行十周年暨四期扩建落成庆典。
Engel, established in 1945 by Mr. Ludwig Engel, plays a leading role in global injection moulding machine market. The headquarter locates in Schwertberg Austria, ENGEL follows family owned management mode with which guarantees stabilization of the company and continues development of product and service. With more than 60 years experience of manufacturing injection moulding machine becomes one of the largest manufacturer in this industry. ENGEL has total 9 factories all over the world, locates in Europe, Asia (Korean/Pyungtaek,China/Shanghai) and America/York etc. ENGEL branches spread over 20 countries and representative offices over 70 countries.
ENGEL Shanghai is the eighth production facility of ENGEL group all over the world. The first phase was opened on May 19, 2009, has a production floor space of over 8 000 m2 for the manufacturing and assembly of machine components for the large-scale Duo series in Shanghai. 1000 m2 of modern offices provide ample space for sales, service and training. The 2nd phase was completed on April 20, 2012, with double the capacity. The extension is about 21,000 m2.In 2017, the 10th Anniversary and Phase 4 Opening Ceremony held on September 12th.
To be continued, we are expecting your participate!

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