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Cashier & Billing (财务会计出纳+日语流利)


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Cashier & Billing (财务会计出纳,日语流利)
Job Responsibilities:
  • Check invoice requests and issue external customer invoices for Japan entities on a daily bases
  • Strong communication skills with business teams and clients who base in Japan via email & phone calls
  • Translate Japanese bank statements'key words in English
  • Uploading bank statements for Japan entities into company system
  • Do the bank reconciliations for Japan entities after month end

    Job Requirement:
    • Bachelor degree, relevant working experience is preferred, fresh graduates can be considered as well.
    • Proficient in Japanese, English and Mandarin, written and oral
    • Strong sense of responsibility and capability of quick learning
    • Good knowledge of Excel, Office
    • Excellent communication skills





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