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HR Intern / 人力资源实习生

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1. Support administrative affairs;

2. Support intern recruiting and attendance data collection and calculation;

3. Support internal/external Audit;

4. Support HR related documents filing and archive;

5. Support training arrangement and be responsible for training documents arrangement;

6. Support other daily routines.

职能类别: 实习生 其他





Medtronic Shanghai Manufacturing Facility (SMF) is Medtronic’s first wholly-owned manufacturing subsidiary in China. The site was founded in November 2006 and officially inaugurated in April 2007. With an initial investment of 40 million USD, SMF boasts a gross floor area of 18,414 square meters in Caohejing Hi-Tech Park. The site is composed of 3,000 square meters with Class-8 clean room and 500 square meters for laboratory use. There are currently 340 employees and 16 product lines producing
tissue heart valves, high-frequency medical equipment, abdominal surgery instruments, and diagnostic/treatment instruments used in the operation room and first aid.

SMF continuously expands its local manufacturing capabilities by adding one or two new products to its portfolio per year in average. In 2014 through 2015, collaboration between SMF and Medtronic China Technical Center successfully drove launches of the ablation technology based hepatic surgery devices and new generation of advanced electrosurgical instruments for vessel sealing and dividing. In 2016, 13 million USD was invested in SMF’s further evolvement to introduce the new tissue heart valve manufacturing line for the Medtronic Cardiac Vascular Group. The tissue heart valve material will contribute to helping patients who suffer from congenital, cardiovascular, coronary and rheumatic heart diseases. Starting 2017, the combination of our local and global heart valve manufacturing will help 65,000 patients improve their access to high-quality treatment in China and around the world.

The Medtronic Shanghai Manufacturing Facility (SMF) is dedicated to becoming the global shared manufacturing site and regional business strategic partner that provides world class quality products and services, investing in talent development and realizing individual value for our employees.