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Objectives of the Position

To achieve quality KPI of production by process execution and optimization, quality incident trouble shooting. 通过工艺执行、优化、问题分析跟踪来达成各项生产质量指标. To implement/carry out automation methodology in production, achieving optimization or improvements in efficiency and quality. 通过引入/实施自动化控制来实现生产效率、质量等的优化和提升。

Main Tasks

· Responsible for process management. By the means of strictly monitor and control the process execution and optimize the process parameters to ensure the product quality. 生产工艺管理, 对生产工艺的执行情况以及优化过程参数,最终确保产品质量. · Implementing/carrying out automation manufacture methodology (batch system, visualization etc.,) in production process, in order to reduce manual work, improve transparency and as a result realize improvements in both efficiency and quality. 引入/实施自动化生产方式(Batch模式,可视化等), 减少生产过程中的人为干扰,提升透明度,实现生产效率的优化和质量提升. · Improving productivity or quality performance by implementing technical or process optimization. 通过引入新设备, 技术, 工艺改进提高效率或者提升质量. · To investigate the root cause of internal/external complaints, prepare the quality corrective report and track the implementation of corrective measures. · 参与调查内外部质量投诉, 包括提出改善措施, 编写质量问题报告, 落实跟踪整改措施. · To track the production progress daily in order to increase the productivity and improve the quality by finding and correcting problems in time. 跟踪生产过程, 发现问题并加以改进, 提高生产效率和产品质量. · To draft and update SOP and provide training accordingly. 起草或优化SOP, 开展工艺培训. · To draft trials or trial production plan in order to solve related quality issues. 起草相关试验或者试生产方案,以解决相关质量问题. · Participate SHE review, MOC, providing processing technical support. 参与SHE Review 和MOC, 负责提供工艺技术支持. · Process related PID draft and modification. 工艺相关PID维护, 修正. · Participate APQP and be in charge of related process validation. 参与APQP并负责相关工艺验证. · EHS Responsibilities: see attached Job EHS Responsibility Description EHS职责: 参考相关岗位EHS职责说明.






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At BASF, we create chemistry - and have been doing so for 150 years. As the world's leading chemical company, we combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. Through science and innovation we enable our customers in nearly every industry to meet the current and future needs of society.
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BASF Shanghai Coatings Co. Ltd (BSC), founded in 1997, is a joint venture between BASF SE and Huayi Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. BSC produces and markets automotive OEM coatings, providing automotive manufacturers with high-quality coating systems, including electrocoat, primer, basecoat and clearcoat. With advanced production and technical facilities, BSC is able to develop and offer various car body and car parts coating solutions addressing customers’ demands. Customers include major domestic and international car manufacturers.