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Key Account Engineer / OEM Speaker 大客户经理


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沈阳-苏家屯区  |  3-4年经验  |  本科  |  招1人  |  09-17发布  |  英语精通 德语精通



General task

The OEM-Speaker plays a major role in the company's success and helps to develop the company's roadmap.

It is his task to develop and create opportunities in the areas of the OEM’s he’s assigned to it and benchmark with our own company goals. The market knowledge and specific know-how he gains through communication with the OEM’s will be part of the business development process at imat-uve.

Individual tasks

1. Cooperates in the development of sales targets and sales strategy and define key-performance-indicators (KPI’s) for the Balance-Score-Card (BSC) which is the major controlling tool for imat-uve.

2. Participate in finding and developing new business areas.

3. Follow-up on company targets according to BSC-KPI’s regarding both existing as well as new business opportunities.

4. Support all market related business (budget) planning incl. cost estimates

5. Implement sales targets which correspondent to the overall company goals.

6. Close liaisons with dedicated OEM′s by supporting and following-up.

7. Acquisition of new areas of existing as well as new OEM′s.

8. Developing and implementing acquisition measures based on the overall sales strategy.

9. Preparing and conducting customer representative visits, which includes:

- Initiate and organize appointments

- Discussing OEM′s related marketing and product strategies

- Focussing on customer satisfaction and feedback to imat-uve organization

- Promote networking of imat-uve OEM-Speaker within the group

- Promote networking of imat-uve Acquisition and Project Coordination teams

- Promote networking of imat-uve Technical Expert Authorities (TEA′s are Product Manager)

10. Preparing customer visit reports in time and share them within the imat-uve group.

11. Participation in exhibition and trade shows.

12. Support all marketing activities.

13. Conduct regular customer surveys (customer satisfaction analyses).

14. Support and organize annual meetings with the OEM.

15. Follow-up on the open point list of the annual meeting with OEM and report results in due time.

16. Develop market knowledge and build up (document) industry competence as a benchmark in regards to customers, competitors, social and technological trends and.

17. Regularly create and develop new ideas, suggestions and proposals.

18. Help to improve internal procedures and organization of imat-uve.


- University Degree in Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Automotive Engineering or similar degree or professional training as a certified engineer with a relevant work experience.

- Work experience of at least 2 years in the field of project management (preferable in the automotive industry)

- Organizational ability and negotiating skills.

- Self-confident in front of customers

- Chinese native and fluent in English language. German language skills would be preferred.

What we offer:

- Responsibility

- Exciting and challenging tasks

- Competitive salary package

- International career opportunities

- Good team spirit in an international working environment

- Training and seminars






我们是宝马和梅赛德斯-奔驰指定的第三方检测服务供应商。我们的客户还包括其他的主机厂如奥迪、福特、保时捷;还有一线供应商,二线供应商,例如IAC埃驰、Johnson Control江森自控、Faurecia佛吉亚、Grammer格拉默、Continental德国大陆集团等。


Imat is an innovative design and engineering company which supports its clients (OEM, Tier 1 & 2 suppliers) from the first idea to the final product along the entire chain of process. The company provides design, development and testing of materials, components and whole systems according to ISO 17025 and ISO 9001.

Imat is engaging in traffic and mobility concepts of urban society in the future. The scenario team develops precise future scenarios for identifying prospective necessities of road users in reference to design, ergonomics and comfort. All that helps developers, designers and constructing engineers to implement the company’s mission “Our benchmark: The human being”.

Daimler, BMW, VW and many other car manufacturer and their suppliers appreciate us for being competent and reliable experts in the field of development, engineering and testing.

Apart from the headquarter in M?nchengladbach, Germany, imat-uve operates further offices in Southern Germany, South Africa, Atlanta/USA and Shanghai/Shenyang China .