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N/O Representative 订单处理跟单员


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Main Tasks and Responsibilities:

Order and shipping information handling:

1.Check and integrate orders correctly following internal policies and procedures. Ensure orders are sent out to supplier after the order consolidation within the target time frame

2.Ensure all systems and databases are up to date with the relevant information regarding e.g. order confirmations, shipping schedules, packing and transport documentation, etc.

3.Find efficient and effective solutions to issues arising following internal policies and procedures. Make judgements based on standards and instructions and negotiate the best possible solution

4.Proactively provide N/Os and DCs with accurate information and status updates in a courteous way via email and telephone

5.Cooperate with and inform all internal departments as required

6.Initially catch up with the superior to ensure all potential problems could be solved on-time

7.Analyze and interpret statistical data and reports

Commission handling:

1.Prepare all necessary data for the quarterly verification of the data for the IIC commission for design and development. Verify data with the suppliers and initiate the invoicing process

2.Prepare all necessary data for the quarterly verification of the data for the N/O EB commission. Verify data with the N/Os and initiate the invoicing process

3.Ensure all commission handling is done and documented following internal processes and procedures (including the internal control system)


1.Follow up pending sample payment twice a year in May and November (may be adjusted according to business situation)

2.Undertake projects or tasks assigned by the superior


1.Knowledge of assigned N/Os’ and DC’s specific requirement related to the ordering and production process (document, labels,

forwarder, payment, etc.) as well as internal structures

2.Knowledge of all internal standards related to order handling (e.g. supplier contract, logistic manuals, etc.)

3.Understanding of logistics in general (inco- and payment terms, etc.), and the shipping of goods from suppliers to the customers’ distribution centers specifically, and the business sense in the entire supply

4.Knowledge of potential risks and problems in relation to order, production and shipping

5.Knowledge of the IIC commission system and handling

6.Intermediate level (written) and basic level (spoken) in English

7.Able to analyze data from various sources of information and can draw trends from the data. Uses the data to make own judgements and decisions

8.Able to deliver the message effectively and efficiently (in conversations, meetings, emails, telephone, etc.)





IIC-INTERSPORT International Corporation (http://www.intersport.com) is the brand management and purchasing company of the INTERSPORT Group. Founded in 1968, with a retail turnover of EUR 12.9 billion and more than 5,500 associated retailers in 44 countries, INTERSPORT has the worldwide leading position in the sporting goods retail market.

INTERSPORT Development (SHENZHEN) Co. Ltd. is the wholly-owned of IIC-INTERSPORT International, located in Shenzhen, mainly in charge of the sourcing, merchandising, supply chain and quality management for our exclusive brands in the world.



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