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爱尔铃克铃尔汽车部件(中国)有限公司 查看所有职位

苏州-高新区  |  在校生/应届生  |  本科  |  招1人  |  01-22发布


Wechat regular maintain: Contents collected and edit

  • Elring wechat – Get information from Elring China sales team and help upload to wechat account
  • ElringKlinger wechat – News update (new product, news from EKAG, fair/event news) and maintaince.

Fairs & Events support

  • Pick up and package all stuff used for fairs/events, then arrange shipment to named place
  • Hotel reservation arrangement
  • On-site service
  • Help take pictures for recording

Exhibits management

  • Inventory management of all exhibits in China, confirm with booth builder about exhibits status(in stock, is it available, what about the acrylic holders, etc)

Print Materials

  • Inventory management of all brochures.
  • MOVE(Local content materials collected, help check layout and relevant print works)
  • Brochure print(On-site check the color, paper quantity,etc)

Promotional Articles management

  • Inventory management of all promotional articles, ensure enough quantity for fairs/events.
  • Help prepare promotional articles and give ideas on creative.

Local image layout requirements check

  • Support check all local image layout work, like fonts, color,logo position,etc.

Document filling and daily work

  • Collect and arrange marketing files in public drive.
  • Other tasks and project assigned, as back up when someone not available.


  • University or college students, marketing or relevant magjor is preferred.
  • Good communication skill, with patient and express ideas clearly.
  • Open minded, active and positive, able to work under pressure.
  • Quick learner and attention to details.
  • Basic English skill (CET4 or above).
  • Basic IT skill, competence in Microsoft Office, especially word,excel,PPT.
  • Can work at least 3 days per week.






彰显活力 - 憧憬未来

爱尔铃克铃尔集团作为一家独立的全球供应商,是汽车行业技术领先且值得信赖的合作伙伴。无论是乘用车还是商用车,针对内燃机优化、混合动力技术以及电动化驱动,我们均可提供创新解决方案,并以此促进未来可持续出行方式。爱尔铃克铃尔以轻量化为理念,致力于减少车辆总重,进而降低由柴油或汽油发动机驱动的车辆所产生的油耗和二氧化碳排放量,增加商用和乘用电动车的行驶里程。我们在尖端锂电池、燃料电池技术以及电驱动单元开发方面处于领先地位,是电动汽车领域的专家。于此同时,我们不断革新密封技术,以应对日益复杂的现代内燃机设计。先进的隔热降噪系统解决方案旨在确保车辆整体温度和声学高端管理。爱尔铃克铃尔开发的动态精密零部件适用于所有类型的驱动系统。集团的产品组合还包括工程服务、模具注塑技术和高性能塑料制品,除汽车行业之外,这些产品还应用于其他行业。这是爱尔铃克铃尔集团全球 45 家分公司 10,000 余名员工共同努力的成果。

The ElringKlinger Group.
Experience mobility – Drive the future.

We are dedicated to developing cutting-edge solutions and new technologies for current and future generations of vehicles. As an expert development partner and approved OEM supplier, we take an all embracing approach and focus on the vehicle system as a whole. Our particular strength is that we are one of the few automotive suppliers capable of developing and manufacturing technologically sophisticated components for all types of drive system – based on either combustion engines or electric solutions.Customized components from ElringKlinger for engine, transmission, exhaust gas system, underbody, chassis, and body are used by virtually all vehicle and engine manufacturers and countless automotive suppliers worldwide. Our product range includes gaskets, lightweight polymer components, shielding systems, battery and fuel cell technology, transmission control plates, exhaust gas purification systems, components made of high-performance plastics, tooling technology, and development services. Building on our innovative products, we set industry benchmarks and help to achieve environmentally compatible mobility. We also supply an extensive range of spare parts to the aftermarket sector in more than 140 countries. In addition, ElringKlinger boasts a successful track record in other branches of industry, e.g., with exhaust gas purification systems, PTFE products, and fuel cells. These efforts are supported by a dedicated workforce of more than 9,000 people at 49 ElringKlinger Group locations around the globe.