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苏州-吴江区  |  在校生/应届生  |  大专  |  招若干人  |  07-22发布




  1. 家电类产品故障判断
  2. .阅读理解技术文档(用户手册/维修手册),提炼关键信息
  3. .判断故障源头
  4. .记录故障现象,拟定维修方案,完成检测工单


  1. 家电类产品维修
  2. . 对有维修资质的产品执行维修,清洁与维护
  3. . 完成维修工单



  1. 常见产品问题的采集与反馈
  2. . 采集并整理日常维修中发现的问题
  3. . 将问题在例会中反馈
  4. . 参与问题整改方案的设立与执行




  1. 大专或以上学历,经验匹配,动手能力强者可酌情降低要求   
  2. 动手能力强,具有一定故障分析能力
  3. 具逻辑思维与必要的沟通能力
  4. 能阅读理解英文资料者优先
  5. 具家电维修经验者优先
  6. 有Lean/5S, QMS, EHS相关经验者优先









Dyson is a global technology company with a unique philosophy, led by James Dyson. It transforms every category it enters with radical and iconic re-inventions that work, perform and look very different.
Driven by frustration, James invented the first bagless vacuum cleaner, but being first wasn’t easy. His competitors were giants and didn’t let him past without a fight. It took 5,127 prototypes and 15 years of perseverance before James finally launched the Dyson DC01. Within 18 months it became the best-selling cleaner in the UK.

Today, Dyson marries innovative technology, researched in its own high technology and secret laboratories, with leading-edge design to produce products that work better. The process from initial idea to finished Dyson machine encompasses multiple RDD locations in the UK and South East Asia. Thousands of engineers instead of one man. Acres of engineering laboratories instead of a backyard coach house. And at a speed incomparable to Dyson’s origin.

Dyson files hundreds of patents per year, invests millions in research at leading universities around the world, and has a pipeline of technology stretching 25 years into the future. But it remains family owned, plotting its own path, not bowing to shareholders or reporting to the stock exchange. All this means more investment in risky, exciting, varied and surprising products for the future.

The mission remains the same; to solve problems that others ignore with exciting new ideas that turn convention on its head. To lead the way, transforming every category entered with radical and iconic re-inventions of everyday devices, setting the benchmark for others to follow.

Dyson today

Dyson products sell in 71 countries, and it employs almost 6,000 people globally, one third of whom are engineers and scientists. 1,100 people are based at the HQ and Research and Development centre located in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, UK. Another thousand bring Dyson’s machines into existence, working on production and operations based in Malaysia.

The face of Dyson is changing rapidly. Three years ago 80% of Dyson’s business was full-sized vacuum cleaners. Today, its digital motor powered cordless vacuums, robots, Airblade hand dryers, bladeless fans, humidifiers, purifiers and heaters are powering its growth around the world.

Dyson’s world leading robotics and electronics research programmes and increasing research into noise cancelling acoustic technologies are setting it up to enter new categories with genuinely better technology which disrupts industries.

By engineering new and better technology, Dyson is growing rapidly. The US is its biggest market, followed by Japan where it is now the market leader in floorcare (quite an achievement for a non-Japanese company). Asia, and especially China, are major engines of current and future growth.

All this change and growth is underpinned by continuity. James Dyson remains Chairman and Chief Engineer and his son Jake has recently joined to continue advancing the core lighting technology he has developed over the past ten years. The focus on solving engineering problems is the same as it was when the company started twenty two years ago, but the ambitions are greater than ever.