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Design Engineer(设计工程师) (职位编号:null)

施耐德(苏州)变压器有限公司 查看所有职位

苏州  |  5-7年经验  |  本科  |  招若干人  |  04-02发布



  • Transformer order design:

  • Technical specification communication and confirmation;

  • Project order review;

  • Transformer electrical & mechanical design.

  • Transformer quotation:

  • Supply technical quotation to tender;

  • Cost optimization.

  • Technical solution:

  • Analyze and solve the technical issues in workshop and on site;

  • Technical support to tender, method and other colleagues.

  • CI projects:

  • Lead continuous improvement projects which will improve the design efficiency and/or prevent design mistakes.


  • Bachelor or above, Electrical engineering or related major;

  • 5+ years professional experience in transformer design field;

  • Familiar with Office, Auto CAD, Pro-E/ Inventor, VB/ VC/ C#;

  • Good English;

  • Act like owners.







  施耐德(苏州)变压器有限公司(SST)是施耐德电气在苏州投资兴建的一家主要生产10KV~35KV (315 KVA - 3150 KVA)干式变压器的公司。新厂一期规划建筑面积6000m2,于2002年9月正式破土动工,2003年2月竣工,5月SST的Trihal干式变压器业务正式启动, 使用“施耐德电气”品牌。SST直接应用施耐德电气的技术和工艺,并引进世界上最先进的生产和试验设备。针对中国市场的特点开发设计的SCB10和SCB9系列的Trihal,代表当今业界最前沿的技术水平。SST融合了施耐德电气全球化的工业和品质管理经验和运作体系,遵循施耐德电气“创建一个崭新的电气世界”的理念,坚持“以质取量,持续改进,为用户提供满意的产品和服务”的方针,致力为广大中国客户提供更高品质和高度安全的施耐德电气树脂浇注干式变压器。

  Schneider Electric is the top leader in global field of dry type transformer production and R&D. Since 1983 Trihal has been leading the innovation and development of dry type transformer worldwide. With two key patented processes in technology and construction, Trihal cast resin dry type transformer is safer and more reliable. As Schneider Electric have accumulated 20 years rich production experience and developed ripe technology, Trihal become one of the few products that have passed E2, C2 and F1 test in the world. In 2002 Schneider Electric have produced and sold 4300 units of Trihal dry type transformers (over 4 million KVA) and occupied the largest market share in Europe. By now 40,000 units Trihal have been running reliably in more than 50 countries with excellent characteristics and quality.

  Schneider (Suzhou) Transformers Co., Ltd. (SST), founded on June 27, 2002, is invested by Schneider Electric and mainly produces 10KV~35KV (315 KVA - 3150 KVA) Dry transformers with the brand of "Schneider Electric". In the first-stage, the building area is totally 6000 sq. meters. SST broke the earth in SIP Suzhou in September 2002, and the new building was completed in February 2003. In May 2003, SST made her official announcement of commercial launching of Trihal cast resin transformers. SST have completely employed the technology of Schneider Electric and imported the best production equipment and test instrument in the world. Specially designed according to the characteristics of China Market, SCB10 and SCB9 series Trihal represents the present advanced technology level of dry type transformer in the world. SST has incorporated the industry & quality management experience and operation system of Schneider Electric. To provide China’s customers with products of high quality and reliability, SST will follow Schneider Electric’s commission of building a new electric world and adhere to the guideline “quality for quantity with continuous improvement and provide customers with satisfactory products and service”.