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Junior Execution Officer


路易达孚(中国)贸易有限责任公司 查看所有职位

天津-滨海新区  |  无工作经验  |  本科  |  招1人  |  03-22发布

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Describe the main duties and responsibilities of the position: 

 1. Ensure trade confirmation totally for both purchase and sales side. 

 2. Issue contract/document timely and presented cleanly, and manage contract/document.

3. Maintain system data to reflect status of the contracts timely and accurately.

 4. Coordinate with internal teams to solve issues. 

 5. Generates reports to other teams & platforms for risk control and contract execution. 

 Additional Information: 

 In the performance of their respective tasks and duties all employees are expected to conform to the following:

Perform quality work within deadlines with direct supervision or without direct supervision

 Interact professionally with co-workers, Company business associates and the general public 

 Work together in a cooperative spirit to serve the best interests of the Company 

Operate in a fully responsible manner and comply with the law and Company policy

Education: Bachelor degree

 Experience: 0+ years related experience in contract/shipping/ documentation; 

 Required Skills (Must have), Necessary industry experience and associated number of years of experience: 

 Strong written communication skills in both Chinese and English 

 Proficiency with MS Word and Excel ? Accurate data entry skills and strong documentation skills 

 Desired Skills (Nice to have in addition to the Required Skills), necessary industry experience and associated number of years of experience: 

 Ability to work independently or in team situation

 Ability to prioritize multiple tasks and meet strict deadlines

Languages Skills: (level required) CET 4


上班地址:天津市滨海新区渤海三十路(原 天津市滨海新区金天源食品科技(天津)有限公司)


         路易达孚(Louis Dreyfus Company),全球四大粮商之一,成立于1851年,总部设于瑞士日内瓦, 是一家领先的农产品销售和加工的全球性集团公司,其业务遍及全球并拥有广泛的资产覆盖网络,能够安全、负责、可靠地向全世界的客户提供产品和服务。经167多年来的稳步发展,我们的多元化活动贯穿了整个价值链,从农场到餐桌,拥有广泛的经营范围(事业部)。我们的经营组合包括油菜籽、谷物、大米、货运、金融、咖啡、棉花、糖、果蔬汁和乳制品。
路易达孚的业务遍及全世界100多个国家,并在北京、布宜诺斯艾利斯、巴黎、日内瓦、圣保罗、新加坡、美国维尔顿(康涅狄格州)和孟菲斯(田纳西州)等设立了办事机构。到今天为止,全球雇员总数超过21000。 2017年净销售额达430亿美元,在2018年财富世界五百强中位列第173位。