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天津 故障分析工程师

Failure Analysis Engineer 大陆汽车系统(天津)有限公司 天津-滨海新区 06-24


Job Description:1. Define and optimize the customer return FA process2. Analyze the customer return units, identify the technical root cause;3. Document of FA reports4. Support on risk assessment of quality issues from technical point5. CQTS data input and ensure the FA cycle time with target6. Support customer meeting on technical points7. Delivery product training for both internal/external customer8. Customer on-site technical supporting when necessary9. Support QMPP/IE/Production to improve product quality10. Cooperate with quality management system  to establish and maintain quality system related to customer return11. Complete other jobs assigned by the supervisor任职要求:Job Requirement:1. Digital circuit / Analog circuit knowledge 2. Automotive and application knowledge ,with related  working experience 3. Statistic analysis skill on testing/measurement data, distribution, time series analysis, warranty prediction 4. Problem solving and decision making tools and techniques 5. Project management skills, tools and techniques 6. Quality assurance know-how, product safety issues and risk management 7. Management skills, tools and techniques (Balanced Scorecard, Benchmarking, etc.) 8. Bachelor degree or master degree or similar in engineering or equivalent 9.  Professional experience (at least 2 years) in electronic/mechanical/hydraulic design or product failure analysis10. Experience in PCBA products manufacturing (1 years) and understanding of SMT/electronic product assembly process11. Cross functional experience, preferred12. Experience with Customer contacts, continuous improvement, quality assurance, Six Sigma, industrial engineering, production, preferred13. Experience in working with international teams for 1 year above.


保全担当(编号95702) 上海艾杰飞人力资源有限公司 天津 2.8-3.5千/月 06-22


■基本信息■工作地点:天津市工作时间:08:00 - 16:50工资范围:2800 - 3500语言要求:日语不问 英语不问■职能描述■■ 设备的日常修理,事前点检■ 设备故障时进行对应■ 备件备品的管理■职位要求■■ 23-32岁■ 中专以上学历■ 有1年以上设备保全工作经验(汽车相关行业者优先)■ PLC熟练■ 会日语优先■企业信息■公司致力于开发耐久性,节能性等优质的运输传送装置。并可根据客户需要,提供***量身定制的商品。★更多日企热门招聘请点击 :http://www.rgf-hragent.com.cn★転職をお考えのお知り合いがいらっしゃいましたら、ぜひご紹介ください。(hrtianjin@rgf-hragent.cm.cn)プレゼントを用意しております!∩^∩______________________________________________________________________________________上海艾杰飞人力资源有限公司 天津分公司公司地址:中国天津市和平区南京路189号津汇广场1座1106室联系电话: 022-23311169-118电子邮箱: hrtianjin@rgf-hragent.com.cn★転職をお考えのお知り合いがいらっしゃいましたら、ぜひご紹介ください。★有朋友想找工作吗?有的话欢迎介绍过来,我们将竭诚为您和您的朋友服务!公司主页:http://www.rgf-hragent.com.cn日企专版招聘信息:http://www.rgf-hragent.com.cn/search_ctianjin.html


实验室分析工程师 Cleanliness& Particle Analysis 大众汽车自动变速器(天津)有限公司 天津 10-15万/年 06-19


? Prepare, carry out and document Sampling and Experiment in Cleanliness and Material area independently? Analyze assembly, manufacturing and field problems related to Cleanliness and Material independently ? Ensure transfer of information to the affected areas and superiors independently? Develop professional knowledge continuous independently? Conduct electrics advice for suppliers and production process, accompany process optimization at suppliers? Represent work results to suppliers and customers independently, prepare and present documents for presentations, supervise process optimization at suppliers independently? Work corrective/ removal measures independently? Optimize and develop test procedures independently? Represent the interests of the site in cross-site working and expert networks of electrics independently and actively任职要求:? Master Degree or above in Material Science or related subject, education abroad preferable? Strong analytical thinking, excellent presentation skills? Strong communication and conflict-solving skills? Working experience in material technology (development, production or quality) and failure analysis in laboratory preferable? Working experience in an international automotive OEM preferable? Fluency in German or English? Skilled in Microsoft Office as well as LIMS, Nolis, KVS, ImageAccess, Materials Database etc.




招聘职位: 后端开发,前端开发,移动端开发,测试,产品/设计/运营
招聘职位: 财务审计,合规与风险控制,后台运营,投行,销售
招聘职位: 房地产开发,建筑工程,规划设计,商业,市场营销
招聘职位: 汽车新能源,软件与汽车电子,生产制造,质量管理,供应链管理

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