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Employee Relations Specialist


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1. Bachelors Degree with minimum 1 years working experience in the electronics manufacturing environment, or a few years of relevant experience for those without the qualification;
2. Patient, work hard and have teamwork spirit.
3. Possess a pleasant disposition and have an approachable personality
4.Good computer skill, be good at office software, Word, Excel and Outlook, etc.
6. Proficient in both oral and written English with CET-4 above level, and ability to speak
Wuxi language is preferred.
7. Ability to interact and communicate well with people from various levels and background.
8. Good organization and presentation skills.
9. Pro-active to the company’s changes, challenges and future developments.

1. Ensure all necessary government related approvals are obtained and complied with, and also any other matters pertaining to work permits and visa applications.
2. Maintain a participative management and open door environment in order to ensure that employee grievance/complaints and recommendations are heard.
3. Maintain a working environment, which does not encourage a third-party interference.
4. Administer disciplinary matters in accordance with the company policy.
5. Organize and coordinate the benefits related activities together with the employee representative committee.
6. Champion effective communication programs and employee relations activities, and provide a reliable and effective link between the management and the employees, e.g. Tea talk, Friday Beer, worldwide web cast, suggestion box and employee survey.
7. Champion and ensure the smooth publication of the company newsletter on a quarterly basis.
8. Oversee the management of the company cafeteria and ensure a high acceptance level among employees on the cafeteria services.
9. Participate and support in the employee orientation program for both Direct and Indirect
Labor, and provide the necessary employee relations services to all the employees.

职能类别: 人事专员


上班地址:新吴区综合保税区J9, J10地块


Jabil 是世界上最大型的电子制造服务公司之一,为当今一些最大型的公司和品牌提供定制设计、制造、配送和售后服务。我们的全球运营事业已拥有超过 3,700 万平方英尺的制造厂,遍及四大洲的 100 多家工厂,并已雇用 180,000 多名员工。

为确保我们能继续创造经济效益和增长,我们已在多个市场开展运营,包括售后服务、计算与存储、国防与航空、医疗与仪表制造、工业和清洁技术、材料技术、移动通信、网络和电信。此策略已取得成功 — 在十多年内,我们通过坚定不移地致力于适当结合服务、行业、位置、系统和人员,已取得了两位数的增长。Jabil 已使用 “JBL” 代码在纽约证券交易所上市,我们欢迎未来的员工查阅公司的财务概况。

我们为有资历的个人提供平等的雇用机会,无论其种族、宗教、肤色、年龄、国籍、性别、残疾和性取向如何。我们将员工技能、能力、经验和背景的多样化视为一项优势,并在 Jabil 的所有领域中鼓励发挥该优势。

我们主张聘用适当的人员、将他们安排在能贡献一己之力的职位,并为他们提供决策所需的工具和职权。如果您对所做的一切都秉持质量第一的心态,且对取得成效充满热情,那么 Jabil 是您的不二之选。


公司网站 : http://www.jabil.com