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Future Talent – PSE - Tank & Agitator Engineer(西安)

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西安  |  无工作经验  |  本科  |  招若干人  |  10-12发布


Would you like to start your career in good company? We are looking for talented and highly motivated new graduates to join our talent programme and become the next generation of leaders in our industry.
Our Future Talent Programme - Technical Track is a 1-year programme that will develop your engineering skills and bring you leading technical knowledge in an accelerated way.
From day one, you’ll be delivering results as part of the team and hold an actual position. Your manager will plan the content of your programme and support you in your development journey. You will work in various parts of Tetra Pak and gain experience from a network of Colleagues all over the world. And that is just the beginning of your Tetra Pak career. After the programme finishes you will have gained valuable experience to help you continue your exciting career within our company.
As a Tank & Agitator Engineer you will be involved in the following activities:
- Participate in tank equipment bidding phase and technical clarification / 参项目罐体的招标及技术澄清
- Provide technical proposal and review of tank drawings during project implementation phase. / 项目执行阶段提供罐体技术提资及罐体图纸审核
- Coordinate with internal and external team to ensure tank quality and technical solutions / 协调团队及内外部资源,以确保罐体的技术方案及质量
- Update tank structure standards/更新罐体标准
- Familiar with ANSYS ,Fluent, CFD/CFX or other fluid analysis software and Be able to Use these soft to analyses the equipment/熟悉并能应用ANSYS,及CFD,CFX等应力分析及流场分析软件。
- Bachelor or above degree in chemical engineering machinery / 本科及以上学历,主修化工机械相关专业
- Good knowledge of food technology, Automation knowledge is a plus / 熟悉食品技术及自动化专业知识优先
- Good command of English and computer skills /良好的英文及计算机能力
- True team player with good communication skills / 积极的团队合作和良好的沟通能力
- Willing to solve problems and you have a strong personal drive / 愿意专研解决问题,能够自我激励追求目标达成