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“前程无忧”(NASDAQ: JOBS) 是中国具有广泛影响力的人力资源服务供应商,在美国上市的中国人力资源服务企业。它运用了网络媒体及先进的移动端信息技术,加上经验丰富的专业顾问队伍,提供包括招聘猎头、培训测评和人事外包在内的全方位专业人力资源服务,现在全国25个城市设有服务机构,是国内领先的专业人力资源服务机构。
51job (Nasdaq: JOBS) is a leading provider of integrated human resource services in China. Founded in 1998, 51job meets the needs of enterprises and job seekers through the entire talent management cycle, from initial recruitment to employee retention and career development. 51job’s online recruitment platforms, as well as mobile applications, connect millions of people with employment opportunities every day. 51job also provides a number of other value-added HR services, including business process outsourcing, training, professional assessment, executive search and compensation analysis. Leveraging technology and expertise with a large staff of experienced professionals, 51job serves hundreds of thousands of domestic and multinational corporate clients through 25 offices in Mainland China. In September 2004, 51job successfully completed its IPO on Nasdaq, and is the first publicly listed firm in the field of HR services in China.


公司地址:广州市体育东路140-148号南方证券大厦2501室 (邮编:510620)